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Body Shop

Mustangs & More will make your body shop repair experience as hassle-free as possible.

Collision Repair -

Mustangs & More is a direct repair facility for most major insurance companies.

Having a qualified body shop repair collision damage helps maintain your car's value and we'll make sure that it gets fixed right.

Body Shop Modifications -

Mustangs & More also offers discretionary modifications like adding hood scoops, air dams, spoilers and tail pipe outlets. We can create chop tops and raise or lower your entire vehicle, too. Let us know what you want our body shop pros to do and we'll handle it.

Rust Repair -

Rust repair is a special body shop skill that requires experience and the ability to fabricate new parts from scratch. Our craftsmen fabricate new floors, quarter panels, trunk inserts and engine compartments in-house.

Once the new parts are fabricated we can take them directly to our paint booth for a factory perfect finish. This process saves time and money and makes us a one-stop body shop.

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Master Technician Certifications:   ASE, PPG, DuPont and AC/Delco certifications