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Engine Repair Service

Mustangs & More can handle all types of engine repairs and related mechanical services.

We'll figure out what's making that funny noise, why you're overheating or what's causing smoke to shoot out from under your hood.

We can seal up whatever is leaking fluid all over your driveway or tell you why your check engine light stays on.

Head gaskets, water pumps, starters, alternators, timing belts and valve jobs all wear out eventually.

We'll replace them for you whenever their time is up.

Mustangs & More also offers a range of engine enhancement services for customers who see their cars as something special.

1) We can rebuild an aging engine to extend the life of your car while keeping it in original condition.

2) We can improve the performance of your engine by upgrading key components and tuning them for more muscle.

3) We can repaint, chrome plate or replace parts with show quality components to make your car a rolling exhibition piece.

Whenever something doesn't sound right, feel right or look right with your car, bring it by and we'll check it out for you.

We even do a free 30-point check any time you come in for anything, including a simple oil change. With so many great services, it's easy to see why our customers keep coming back.

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Master Technician Certifications:   ASE, PPG, DuPont and AC/Delco certifications