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Classic Car Restoration

Mustangs & More specializes in classic car restoration, muscle car restoration and of course, Mustang restoration.

Restoration is a detailed process and we can handle everything from complete rebuilds to simpler jobs like helping out a backyard builder who needs a little assistance.

Why bother?

Restoring a classic car is an investment that pays good dividends.

Not only do many of the cars appreciate over time, the owners enjoy the satisfaction of driving the coolest cars ever built. Seriously, can you think of a single car made in the last 10 or 15 years that was even remotely as awesome as a late 60's or early 70's muscle car? How about a mid 50's cruiser? Not a chance!

Why choose us?

Rust repair is a special restoration skill that requires experience and the ability to fabricate new parts from scratch. You won't have to look very hard at an old car to know that rust repair is in its future.

Our craftsmen fabricate new floors, quarter panels, trunk inserts and engine compartments in-house. Those new parts can then go into the paint booth and emerge factory perfect.

Quality chrome is another area that separates a good restoration from a great restoration, so we work with companies that specialize in show quality plating.

Interior upholstery, trim and convertible tops also get the same attention to detail.

What car do you want to restore to its full glory?

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Master Technician Certifications:   ASE, PPG, DuPont and AC/Delco certifications